August 08, 2022

None wish to die for corrupt admin any longer

None wish to die for corrupt admin any longer

We are recently seeing a surge in defections by large groups of Kabul administration workers specifically police and soldiers to the Islamic Emirate, with those surrendering handing over all the weapons and military gear of their battalions and outposts to the Mujahideen. These mass switch of allegiance is not any small or coincidental event, rather it serves as an indication that the forces with ties to Kabul regime have also realized that changing course is better than defending or sacrificing for a crumbling Ghani administration.

If a trooper or fighter ever does wish to sacrifice his life, then such would only be for principles. No one wishes to throw their lives away. The Kabul administration has no claim nor aim, neither commitment to any value that deserves sacrifice. Rather it is a product of occupation that merely serves as a tool for securing objectives of the invaders, alas, the entire Afghan nation including its own forces are turning their backs to it and joining the Islamic Emirate in a mass exodus.

The Kabul administration officials and occupiers of Arg palace must understand that they can no longer mislead people with deceptive slogans nor use them as cannon fodder for their illicit goals. These last few days have shown quite clearly that none retain any confidence in this corrupt regime nor are they willing to lay down their lives for it. This sharp intuition of surrendering soldiers is worth applauding because it stops the war from protracting, establishes pockets of peace and brings Afghans closer to reaping fruits of their twenty-year Jihad.

It thus becomes imperative that those foreign parties dreaming of prolonging the Afghan war through their puppets closely examine the situation. They must understand that just as Afghans detest foreign invaders, they also do not recognize their stooge regime therefore they constantly declare their allegiance to the Islamic Emirate.

Perhaps the Kabul administration will look for excuses to bury their failures, but the reality remains that our nation collectively has decided that Afghanistan must have an independent Islamic government instead of a puppet regime – a government that is a manifestation of our religious and national values and guarantees objectives of our Jihad.

The Islamic Emirate considers the latest developments a good start for our country and people, and assures the nation that Allah willing, the day is nor far when Afghanistan is blessed with a sovereign Islamic government and comprehensive peace. We hope that all Afghans join hands in attaining this goal and everyone discharges their responsibility in this regard.

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